An Interview with BlackNerdDating Founder Keith York

Black nerds unite! If you hype nerd knowledge, such as Star Wars, Paranormal, Zombies, Online Gaming and more, joining BlackNerdDating is your next step to find compatible love. The age of the nerd is upon us – black nerds included – and Keith York, the founder of, saw a direct need for those craving “nerdy” matchmaking. Below he shares why this is the dating site to join today.

What inspired BlackNerdDating?

I was inspired to create by what I see as a need for progressive minded people of African descent to be able to link up, socialize, and discuss ideas relevant to the subculture who identify as Black Nerds. As a life-long black nerd, I would always meet people with the same interests at comic book shops, comic book conventions, pop culture events and even in forums on the web but there was no web portal to support those interests. I know first-hand the difficulty of finding dates when your interests are a bit eccentric or unconventional so I wanted to create a place where those not-so-common interests could be shared in the context of looking for love.

How does the site work?

Right now it’s just a basic dating site. It is free for anyone to join and set up a profile with images, videos, interests and more. If you see someone of interest, you can send them a message to their email. As the site grows, I have plans to expand the platform to include live chat, video posting and more organic features like widgets modules to personalize user profiles.


How are you different from similar and traditional sites?

It’s a dating site for Black Nerds. To my knowledge, there is no other site that caters to black nerds or that provides the type of content related to black nerd lifestyles and interests.

Why is BlackNerdDating an important addition to the online dating industry?

BlackNerd Dating is important for a number of reasons. For starters, black nerds now have a place where they can socialize with other black nerds about things that interest black nerds. Secondly, BlackNerdDating will help change the stigma attached to the word nerd. Nerds are a diverse group of people with their own brand of “swagga” that are just a cool, sexy, thuggish, intelligent and geeky as anyone else. Last, BlackNerdDating will help to usher the age of the black nerd and the realization that nerdy is the new cool!


How long has the site been around? Growth?

BlackNerdDating has been around for about 6 months now and we have approximately 100 members from all over the US and a few from Africa – with no advertising or marketing campaign. I am currently in the process of completing a marketing and advertising campaign for an official launch but we are fully operational.

What type of people are attracted to BlackNerdDating?

Nerds come in all forms and those that come to BlackNerdDating represent more than just your traditional comic book fans or the Anime fanatics, we also have your Ancient Egypt history nerd, or the Conspiracy Theory nerd, or the African Spirituality nerd.

Favorite story from site users?

Unfortunately I haven’t got any stories….yet.


What’s next?

Well this is BlackNerdDating 1.0.  I’m in the process of finalizing marketing, advertising and content strategies for an official launch in early 2013.

I’d also like to take this time to plug my other website; a comic book portal dedicated to showcasing comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy works created by and/or starring people of African Descent.









An Interview with the owner of

Busy lives prevent many singles from pursuing a love life. It’s just too hard to meet the right person in real life. Will Chase recognized this issue and set to help by creating a new option for online dating: As the site’s owner, he explains why all should give FreshDate a chance to find love.

What inspired FreshDate?

The story behind FreshDate is similar to a lot of other .com startups. I saw a real need an opportunity to help people find something they really want… love.  Pretty much everyone I know had tried online dating before. Even a few close friends of mine met their wives online. I’ve even experimented with it myself. Whenever I would use an online dating site, I always noticed things that I didn’t like, were hard to use, or could have been much better.

It seemed to me that most online dating websites fit into one of two categories. On one hand you have the free sites. Most of these free ones are fairly low-quality and run down looking. They didn’t seem to inspire confidence that they were really on the leading edge of online dating technology.  On the other hand, you have the paid dating websites. They are often very high-quality, (with all the latest and greatest features), but they are often equally high-priced.

I knew there had to be a better way. That’s where I came up with the idea for FreshDate. It’s a free (yes, I said free) online dating website that tries to create the best of both worlds. It’s a high-quality website with a killer look-and-feel, and it also is completely free. At first, we’d wrestled with the idea of having a paid website, but like many great startups, we wanted to keep it free.

How does the site work?

We believe in the philosophy of keeping it simple. A really well designed website can take something complicated, (like a powerful, full-featured online dating applicate) and make it seem friendly and simple to use. FreshDate is packed full of lots of top-notch features, but we knew it had to still be approachable and easy to figure out. So we spent a lot of time on the design and interface to make it friendly and intuitive. At the end of the day, people see a dating website as an end to a means. So we streamlined everything so people can sign in and do what they want to do as fast and painlessly as possible.

How is your site different from similar and traditional sites?

We’re in niche an unusually compared to other dating sites. FreshDate is completely free, but we strive to make it a very high quality site that can really compete with some of the bigger players in the market (no pun intended).

Why is your site important to the industry?

There is a real need for a dating site that’s both high-quality and low cost. We’re really aiming for volume. The reason behind that is that online dating really is a numbers game. Sure you need a great website that’s easy to use. But beyond that, the more people that are members of the site, the better your odds of meeting someone.

When did the site launch? Growth?

FreshDate is about 1 year old.

Who is attracted to your site?

Our primary market is in the US. We like to think we’re a good fit for just about anyone who’s really looking to meet someone special or just make a few friends.

Favorite story?

With over six billion people on the planet, you’d think that it would be even easier to find that special someone. However, many people lead very busy lives and often we can become more and more isolated by technology. We get a lot of great feedback from our clients. It really makes you feel good when we hear a success story from one of our users. It makes it seem that it really is all worth it.

What’s next?

FreshDate is just a year old now, but we’re just getting started. We’re already working hard on the next version of the website packed full of really innovative features. We’re trying to take online dating in an entirely new direction and make even easier and more effective to actually met someone online.


An Interview with DatingInGroups co-founder Nick Liaromatis

Old-fashioned dating is … well, old-fashioned, blind dates are uncomfortable and the traditional online dating world is seemingly crawling with creeps. Dating in Groups co-founder Nick Liaromatis wishes to help change the way young professionals interact by using an increasingly popular social networking idea: group dating. Below Liaromatis explains why everyone should give this concept a chance.

What inspired Dating in Groups?

Recently single, I was sitting in a bar when I received an email from LivingSocial for a wine tasting deal.  I was about to buy it until I realized I’d be asking out someone new with the plan of using a coupon on the first date.  Who wants to do that?

How does the site work?

Dating in Groups helps you and your friends meet other circles of friends in your city.  Create your profile in minutes through a simple, five step process.  Choose a username, input your actual name and birthday, complete a short bio (no more than two full tweets), choose 4 of 14 predetermined categories of interest, and upload your favorite photo.

From there you can create your own date with our built-in template, browse dates created by other daters, or purchase a DiG sponsored date package.  Once you have found something you like, skip that embarrassing one-on-one date and go out with a group that shares your good taste and interests.

After the date, our messaging system allows for both group messaging to the entire set of daters as well as direct messaging to the dater you hit it off with.

Why is your site important to the current industry?

Before the Internet existed we went out with our friends with the goal of running into another group of friends also looking to have a good time.  From there life just happened.

Then the Internet came around and suddenly we were filling out hundreds of questions and writing novels for bios.  We already knew close to everything there was to know about one another before we even met.  It created an unnecessary amount of pressure and actually limited our chances of having a good time.

Dating in Groups doesn’t use the Internet to change the way people were meant to date; Dating in Groups uses the Internet to make dating easier and more productive.

What sets Dating in Groups apart from other group dating sites popping up? Traditional sites?

Dating in Groups is the safest way out of your comfort zone.  It allows for you to build friendships and your professional network, while updating your relationship status along the way.

Some competitive sites force you to make close to impulsive dating decisions.  Knowing that blind dates can be awkward, DiG lets you know where you are going before you have to commit to buying anything and allows you to see who is on the date before you show up. 

With Dating in Groups you’ll get up and running quickly, increase your chances of connecting with someone, and ensure a good time by surrounding yourself with your friends.

How long has Dating in Groups been around?  Growth?

Dating in Groups launched in Washington D.C. on September 27th and as of today there are about 100 active profiles.  We recently hosted an event for DCWEEK and look forward to welcoming those in attendance to the site.

What types of people are attracted to Dating in Groups?

I’d like to think that every type of person is attracted to Dating in Groups.  If I had to choose a “type”, it is the busy, young professional who is interested in efficiency.  With a couple of clicks you can be on an organized date with more than one potential Mr. or Mrs. Right, you can bring along your friends to eliminate the risk of having a horrible time, and under the worst of circumstances you will have expanded your professional network in the city you live in.

What’s next?

We will continue to market the site in Washington DC through promotional events, date packages, and site development.  We look forward to seeing those of you in the DC area at our next party.

After we figure out what we have to stop doing, what we should continue doing, and what we need to start doing, we will be expanding into other major metropolitan cities.

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An Interview with’s Dino Luzzi


Ever wonder if you could “do better” than your current lover? Well, CanDoBetter aims to help couples by allowing the world to rate them. Dino Luzzi, CEO of which owns, explains below why you check out this site.

What inspired CanDoBetter?

The fact that people always think they “candobetter” and they are never satisfied with their partner, Marty Berman, a five-time Emmy Award winning TV Producer/Director found out about the idea and he immediately saw the possibility of developing CanDoBetter from a Website into a Reality TV-Show,  but I’ll talk more about that later, answering the last question: “What’s next?”

How does the site work?

It’s very simple. Our members (single men and women)  upload pictures of their dating partner and get reactions from other members about them. Put your mouse over each picture to see “Click here if you think I can do better”. The voter also has the option to choose “perfect match”.

The community voting system approach has several advantages:

+ A huge world-wide community assures you that you are receiving feedback from thousands of members, which makes the reactions much more serious and credible.

+ You are receiving votes from strangers, who are not worried about hurting your feelings-  they will give you a straight answer.

+ It’s FUN!!! Let’s face it, a lot of our members enjoy doing this for the fun-factor. A vote in your favour allows you to give your partner some smack talk! Lol.

Why is CanDoBetter necessary to the current online dating industry?

We feel that CanDoBetter is one of the leaders in the field because of the huge amount of feedback (literally thousands of reactions) from other people who are interested in the same thing that you are interested in. How do I look? How does my partner look? How do we look together? Am I making the right decision?

Be honest – In the beginning of a relationship, these are questions that are really on your mind. So you have the choice of getting some serious feedback or just having some fun-factor entertainment with it.
















What sets you apart from similar and traditional sites?

It’s obvious that the fun-factor element really sets this approach apart from other sites. We get a lot of feedback from our members in basically two areas:

1) I was amazed that I got over 5,000 reactions to my picture. That is awesome.

2) This was such a riot – you should have seen my boyfriend’s face when I showed him that 84% of the members thought that I CanDoBetter! Lol!

How long has the site been around? Growth?

Since 2009 we now have over 100,000 members with over 12 million votes

Who is drawn into your site?

We do have a minimum age limit for site members, but other than that there doesn’t seem to be any group or groups that are more represented than others. Which makes sense – because everybody is interested in knowing if they CanDoBetter. The feedback that we receive tends to be more from the people who are enjoying the “fun-factor” of the site, but that could simply be because these people are the ones most likely to supply feedback.

Other people who are drawn into our site are people who are simply curious, because they saw it advertised at Huffington Post, FoxTV, or even on Sunrise TV in Australia or Sua Relacao in Brazil, South America. It has also been covered on radio shows, such as 105.3 Hot FM,  London’s Best Rock FM 96, as well as 89X.

What’s next?

Now it’s getting interesting! Referring back to the very first question and answer, where I mentioned that the original idea was always to develop this into a TV-Reality Show? Well, that’s what is going to happen next!

We are presently in the final stages with the Solaris Entertainment Group to make CanDoBetter  a  Reality TV-Series, where Marty Berman will indeed be the Director. Mr. Berman also had the great idea of choosing the candidates for the TV Show from the Website. So, if you’re interested in being on a TV-Reality Show for all your friends, neighbors and family to see, sign up at!

Announcements about which Cable Network and when the show will premier will be out soon. Look for it here: or here

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An Interview with

Finding real connections with real people online is painful at times. And most online love seekers, don’t want to waste precious time sifting through fake profiles and incompatible people. PopChat was created to connect real people via a free live video chat. This way there are no secrets kept or time lost. Below the PopChat team explain why you should sign up for their dating system today.

What inspired PopChat? is all about connecting people.  While many sites talk about features, quality of a video, and other bells and whistles that are not essential to a dating community, has a sole mission — allow people to meet and cam chat in free video chat rooms.

How does the site work? provides its users with access to a video chat network with hundreds of active cam chat rooms.  Users don’t need to sign up or fill out lengthy dating profiles.  They can use free video chat rooms as guests and cam chat with thousands of men and women from around the world.  When people enter, they are presented with an option to either create a chat profile, or continue as a guest, and immediately placed into a video chat room with hundreds or other people.  From there, users can video chat with people or browse other popular video chat rooms.

Why is a free video chat service important to the online dating scene?

Unlike traditional dating sites where users are matched using some mystical match making algorithm, free video chat rooms rely on a real time face to face conversations.  Singles don’t need to read through dozens of messages from people who they might not even be interested in.  Instead, they come online and immediately start meeting people.  We feel this is much better approach to online dating.


What sets you apart from similar sites? Traditional?

Live active community is the biggest asset of  Many other sites have either too few people video chatting in real time, or people don’t come back often. video chat is addicting!

How long has PopChat been around? Growth? is a continuation of another popular video chat service, which has been around since 2009. was launched early 2012 and has been continuously growing.

Who is drawn into your site? is for everyone 18 years old and older.  In particular, it attracts people who are tired of traditional dating sites and would like to find a cool hang out place for singles, or just looking to meet new friends.

What’s next?

We are putting a lot of effort into building the community – more people means more fun.  Additionally, we’re listening to our users and adding features that would be beneficial to the dating community.  One of the recent additions to was an articles section that provides singles with tips and suggestions to be successful in online dating.

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An Interview with FriendFin Founder Rishi Kapoor

Searching for friendship or love is hard in today’s busy world. And being shy or uncomfortable in a crowded social environment can make the search even more difficult. Well, the FriendFin team have created a dating tool that could help. Below they explain why you should give them a chance.

What inspired FriendFin?

There are many sites that claim to be 100% free dating sites but when you try to send a message to someone or try to chat, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. At FriendFin, we didn’t like the idea of claiming to be one of the free online dating sites and when the member tries to use more advanced site features, they have to pay. On the other end, there are several 100% free dating sites but those don’t give enough power to the member, don’t have advanced site features and are filled with members trying to send spam to other members. Hence FriendFin went online with the goal of overcoming all of these shortcomings.

How does the site work?

Unlike the other dating sites, free access is available at FriendFin to browse our member’s profiles. You don’t even have to sign up to see who’s using FriendFin. We make our members visible to everyone, so that you can see for yourself the real, friendly men and women who are waiting to be discovered on our site.

When you sign up on FriendFin, you’ll complete a short profile about yourself, answering questions about your habits, your location and what are your expectations from love and friendship. We offer one of the most dynamic set of features among free online dating sites. In addition to traditional private messaging and classifieds, we allow you to shoot live video of yourself to post on our site if you wish. You can even participate in audio and video chats to get to know other members without ever having to leave our site. This is exactly how FriendFin combines the concept of 100% free dating site with Skype or any of the instant messengers.

Why is FriendFin necessary to the current online dating industry?

We feel that there is a greater need for not only a completely free dating website but a site that prevents spam, integrates with top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, gives more power to its members, and provides more advanced features of communication like audio and video chat. At FriendFin we are proud to provide all these features with no hidden fees.

What sets you apart from similar and traditional sites?

There are various areas that set FriendFin apart from other 100% free dating sites available online and will help FriendFin in becoming one of the best dating sites available. FriendFin  believes in giving more control to the member. Members can block/unblock other members or if you are sure that the member’s profile is created by him/her, you can certify that this user is genuine, member can rate other member’s profile/photos and members can report spam or obscene profile or pictures. Members can also do text and video chat all for free. Members can also post a classified or a blog, for example, on tips on how to make friends. They can also join an existing group or start their own group.

Another feature that sets FriendFin apart from other free online dating sites is our Facebook interface. We offer a feature that allows facebook linking, not found on many free dating websites. This part of our interface allows you to quickly find FriendFin members on Facebook and help them find you. By connecting Facebook with FriendFin, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of meeting new people and finding that friendly or romantic relationship that you’re searching.

How long has the site been around? Growth?

FriendFin started in April 2009. Initially, the main registered domain for the site was which later on changed to with redirected to Everyday more folks are joining and the goal is to become one of the top 100% free dating sites available online.

Who is drawn into your site?

We attract different kinds of people from around the world under one roof so to speak. In today’s busy world, meeting people with similar interests for love or friendship can be challenging, particularly if you’re shy or have a hard time feeling comfortable in crowded social settings like clubs and bars. Whether you’re looking to meet new friends in your local area to spend time with, wanting to connect with people with similar interest in other parts of the world or searching for love, FriendFin can help.

What’s next?

Goal is to become one of the best dating sites available online without charging members and still providing advanced features and continue to give more power to the site members. We believe that finding relationship is everyone’s right and no one should be charged for that.

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An Interview with

Falling in love might feel closer to a daydream than possible for many with busy lives. But it is possible and the WhereLoveIsFound team have created a dating experience “100 percent dedicated to the community and providing a place for people to find genuine love and happiness.” Below they explain why loveless singles should try their site.

What inspired WhereLoveIsFound? was inspired by love, building a community for people all over to find love in a safe easy fashion.

How does the site work? is a very easy site to use with a lot of functionality, you are able to search for people through a variety of different ways, location, gender, and age just to name a few, send and receive flirt requests and mail, and also the ability to browse states, to be able to find a match more quickly that will make you happy.

Why is this an important addition to the online dating community? is a very important addition to the online dating community, our site allows many to express their self truly and find a match for them that would be exciting and allow both to enjoy each other for life.

What separates you from similar and traditional sites?

Many things separate us from other online dating sites because we’re much more than a dating site, we’re an online community focused on providing quality for interested people to come together and enjoy each other.

How long has WhereLoveIsFound been around? Growth? has been around for eight months. We are a strong community and welcome anyone to join for free and find love today.

Who is drawn into your site?

A variety of people are drawn to our site, people looking for different things and different people, knowing they’ll have the option to find the mate there looking for.

What’s next?

Next we will continue to build our community and come up with more ways for people to find love all over the world, easily.

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An Interview with Political Matchmakers Founder Alexander Fondrier

Dating like-minded singles can be difficult, but adding politics as a requirement can be gruesome. But for many political enthusiasts, this is an important component in finding a lover. Alexander Fondrier personally experienced a lack in this area in online dating. Founder and CEO of Political Matchmakers, LLC, Fondrier and his team have created two dating sites – BlueStateDate for liberals  and RedStateDate for conservatives – to cater to the politically minded. Below Fondrier shares why any political junkie should give these sites a chance.

What inspired Political Matchmakers?

Our company was born out of my own personal experience. Back when I used to live in Boston, I couldn’t find a date who had similar political interests. It was so disheartening. I joined a number of dating sites – both major and niche – in hopes of finding someone who shared my political views, or at the very least was interested in talking politics. Nothing worked. Even the supposedly politically-themed dating sites ended up being untailored, cookie-cutter property of massive dating conglomerates (i.e. and There weren’t any sites out there developed specifically to suit the needs of political junkies. So, I researched the political dating niche, saw an under-served population, and with my team, we created a fun and politically interactive network.

How does each site, RedStateDate (RSD) and BlueStateDate (BSD), work for users?

Each site specifically caters to either conservative or liberal singles in search of their ideal match (ideal match in this case meaning a great person who shares their political values). The sites do so by including a political assessment in the signup process that measures your opinions on economics, foreign policy, and social issues resulting in a “political compatibility score” that ranges from 0 to 100 — 100 being the most fervently conservative (think Michelle Bachman) or fervently liberal (think Bill Maher). Further, the sites feature daily straw polls that users vote on to share their opinions and see how prospective matches in their geographic area have voted. The sites circumvent the status quo of avoiding politics on a first date, choosing instead to embrace it.


RSD on Facebook | RSD on TwitterRSD on Youtube | RSD Blog


How are the sites different from similar niche dating sites and traditional dating sites?

Stated bluntly, our sites are actually tailored to people who are interested in politics. The few sites out there that claim to be political sites are nothing more than a clone of other standard dating sites where a user uploads a photo and writes a little about their interests. RedStateDate and BlueStateDate create an atmosphere where users can share info about their favorite political philosophers, favorite talk shows, most and least important political issues, and any political campaigns they might have worked or volunteered on.

The political assessment taken in the registration process shows each user plotted on a political spectrum for everyone to see. Our search function allows users to customize how conservative or liberal they want their matches to be on economic issues, foreign policy, and social views. Finally, a user can also get their political fix by visiting our sites. We showcase top news stories, real-time updates from twitter, and external links to political resources online. We also have a daily straw poll where users can vote on a hot topic of the day and see how singles in their area have voted as a means to start a conversation. If a user is a little too shy to send a direct message, we have politically themed icebreaker, or “flirt questions” users can send to one another. A little more sophisticated than “winking” or “poking” and all based on political issues or interests.


BSD on Facebook | BSD on Twitter | BSD on YouTube | BSD Blog


Why is political matchmaking important to the online dating industry?

Political matchmaking is extremely important to the online dating industry because it has been shown that the vast majority of men and women date people who have similar political opinions and beliefs. The 2012 election and the reaction to it on

social media has highlighted the stark divide between America’s conservatives and liberals. This environment makes it difficult on people looking for love. Meeting for a first date only to find out your match is your political opposite can end in time and money wasted. Furthermore, the status quo of suppressing discussions on politics while dating can have negative consequences in the long term. Hiding our political views creates the risk that down the line, a relationship might end disastrously because of political disagreements (abortion anyone?). Clearly, for those of us that are passionate about the issues, there is a need for dating sites that pay particular attention to politics.

What types of people are attracted to your political matchmaking sites?

Some of our users range from government relations employees, to staffers on Capitol Hill, to political campaign consultants or volunteers, to even elected officials. However, most of them don’t even work in politics and are just ordinary men and women who are passionate about the issues and want to meet a companion that is politically aware and shares their worldview. It has been interesting to see how in some situations, many of our users live in places where they find themselves to be in the political minority and use either RedStateDate or BlueStateDate as a means to find a companion in their area that shares their political values.

The promo videos were pretty entertaining – what inspired those?

We wanted to do something fun that would give people a good laugh, but also call attention to the potential pitfalls of ending up with someone of opposing political views and showing RedStateDate and BlueStateDate as a solution to that problem. Both videos were staged as “interventions” where a good friend warns an innocent single of getting involved with a political opposite, knowing full well that it might cause problems down the road and that such problems can be avoided by signing up on RedStateDate and BlueStateDate.

How long have the two sites been around? Growth so far?

We have been around since October 2012 and have broken over 1,000 signups in our first month, largely inspired by the 2012 election.

Any interesting stories from either site so far?

We have seen people from all walks of life join our sites. It has been exciting to read through different profiles and see the wide interests in political philosophy, involvement in political campaigns, and a desire to talk politics with one another.

What’s next?

We’re eager to see how RedStateDate and BlueStateDate evolve and will be focusing on reaching out to the political community and growing our numbers over the next few months.






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An Interview with oneGoodLove Founder Frank Mastronuzzi

Finding long-term love is a little easier for singles within the gay and lesbian community. Founder Frank Mastronuzzi created oneGoodLove with relationship in mind — something not readily available to the LGBT community. Here he explains why you should give oneGoodLove a chance.

What inspired oneGoodLove?

The concept of oneGoodLove came about as a result of being in the online dating space and still not seeing a dating site that really addressed the gay and lesbian community’s needs for a long-term relationship site. I saw mainstream dating sites including the LGBT community as an afterthought.  And being a single gay male looking for something more than a short-term hook-up, I was seeking out a service that met my needs. As you recently saw in this election, the changing landscape for gay marriage has many LGBT members realizing that gay marriage is achievable in their lifetime and therefore they want a site like

How does your site work?

Our site is like a mash-up of, and, BUT created for the gay and lesbian community from day one. Our personality test was created specifically for the LGBT market by a gay PhD and based upon research from longitudinal happy gay and lesbian couples.  We also offer up the ability to “find” your own matches via search or via a mutual match process as gays and lesbians want to search for each other. Lastly, we provide matches to our members based upon our member’s match preferences but do not make them visible to the public like HIV status, sexual positions, ethnicity, etc. . .

How long has oneGoodLove been around? Growth?

OneGoodLove 1.0 launched in late 2009/early 2010 and we learned from our first site that the GLBT community does not like to sit and wait for matches to be delivered to them. So we launched 2.0 in July 2011 with incredible response and conversion rates. Our users are spending twice as much time on the new site, sending 10x the number of communications and spending 3X the amount of subscriptions.  Our user-base is growing at 5X the daily rate since our relaunch.

What separates the site from competitors?

It’s very “straight”-forward! We did not try to include the gay community after the fact. We designed the site for the LGBT community because we are PART of the LGBT community. Our Personality Test was intended for the LGBT market from day one. We also ask the important questions that are relevant to creating long-term LGBT relationships, which our competitors do not ask.  We write dating and relationship advice and content from a gay and lesbian perspective and not try to apply traditional heterosexual dating advice to our community. Lastly, not only are we donating 5% of all subscriptions back to LGBT charitable organizations like Human Rights Campaign, Task Force, Trevor Project and others, we are also involved and part of many of these same organizations. We are actually part of the community and not faking it for business.

Is oneGoodLove a necessary concept in the online dating industry?

Absolutely! The mainstream dating sites do not properly address the needs of the gay and lesbian community that want to settle down.  The LGBT community has a long history of “making it work for them” but NO MORE. We are not separate but equal. We are part of humanity (a great part of it) and deserve the same rights as all individuals, which includes the ability to find true love and get married. Contrary to misconception about the LGBT community, we too want to fall in love, settle down and build a family!

Favorite story so far heard from those using your service?

The Company’s favorite is our lesbian couple Sharon and Nicole whom met on They had never met while in the Chicago suburbs and met on our site. Within a year, they had moved in together and adopted a kitten, Oscar.  We get regular updates from Oscar on how his mommies are doing and how happy he is that we introduced his mommies!  We get vacation, event and party pictures of his mommies regularly.  The OneGoodLove team has adopted Oscar as our mascot.

What type of people are you hoping to attract to oneGoodLove?

OneGoodLove is hoping to attract and match every single gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender person who is “ready to find the one”.  We want to help every person looking to find love no matter where on the planet they are located.  Our goal is to be “the brand” that positively represents the LGBT community in the proper light…… the light we deserve!

What’s next?

Our future entails our customized mobile solution that we then plan to bring global. We want to be completely global within 3 years. The world is ready for our service.

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The Real Sex and the City

Brooklyn-based writer and editor Monica Rozenfeld discusses the ups and downs of dating in the city.

Thanks for joining us, Monica. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to write about relationships?

Thanks for the opportunity to talk about relationships! I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of love and relationships for as long as I can remember. As soon as I had the opportunity to start writing about it (i.e. college newspaper), I did. I never stopped.

You live in a big city. Do you find the options enthralling, or is it a distraction from a real connection?

Great question. When I first moved to the City at the age of 23, I did find the idea of having so many options to be enthralling. I was still finding myself and I believe dating is a great way to figure out what it is we like and who we are in different situations. Now that I’m 27 and over kissing urban frogs, I find it unbelievably distracting from forming real connections. The biggest issue with dating in the City is you have two people who are here to build up their own lives and those two lives either fit together or they don’t. There is little room for compromise. I’m guilty of this just the same.

Have you ever tried online dating? I think that the new fad in some big cities is to find other singles using a phone app. What are your thoughts on that process? Creepy?

I did do the OKCupid circuit for some time. I loved it, but only for practice dating. I didn’t find that I could form real, ongoing connections through online, but that probably says more about me than the service. As for phone app dating, I just wrote a piece about Yenta App, which will tell you when there is a single Jewish guy or girl in the same bar, gym or coffee shop you’re at, which I think is totally cool. It makes me want to get out of the 18th Century and buy an iPhone just so I can try it. I don’t think it’s creepy since both people would have to voluntarily sign themselves up to be on the app. It would be far creepier if there were an app that could just spot single Jews on its own! I bet Google Maps can do something like that.

Online sites are starting to go offline more often, like with meet ups. Where do you see this trend going? 

This is one of those trends that I can’t believe didn’t blow up earlier. I mean, this whole time people were hesitant to online date, and now that it’s acceptable, we’re going offline again? In any case, I always support offline dating over online. I recently went on a job interview where the interviewer admitted that sometimes she thinks a person is the perfect candidate based on their resume, until she meets them in person. It’s exactly how I see online dating. We all know that what’s on paper (or a web page) can never compete with that feeling we get when we meet someone and hit it off. The beauty of meeting offline right away is that you don’t have to waste your time. You like someone or you don’t – and I always believe in going with gut feeling!

You’ve written a lot about the Jewish community and dating. Do you think that J-Date still stands as the model for a niche dating site? Certainly the Christian Dating sites are trying to duplicate the success of J-Date.

I’ve always been a little freaked out about using JDate. It feels so incestuous to me for some reason. But several of my friends have had great success on it. I think it’s still a model, for sure. It might have to compete a little harder with all of these apps and offline opportunities popping up, but there is definitely not one way to meet someone anymore. Niche dating sites are important for people who are looking for specific qualities in a person, such as religion in this case.

Any advice for young women heading into the city with no attachments? 

The other day I told my mom I need to move out of the City to meet someone. She reminded me that I told her four years ago that I’m moving into the City to meet someone. I was like, “Oh yeah.” But the truth is, if you’re moving to the City to take a chance and meet tons of new and interesting people, and that is your goal, then yes, please, move to the City. There is no better place to grab a date every night, if you so choose. If you’re looking to meet your husband the first week of moving here, then I would recommend a city like Seattle with a 3 to 1 male to female ratio, or Alaska with a 7 to 1 ratio. But don’t let me stop you! Love can happen anywhere. Again, follow your gut!

Final pieces of advice for the online daters out there losing hope?

Go offline for a while. I often go back and forth. The day I go offline, I find myself landing dates the old-fashioned way – a conversation on the subway, a guest at a friend’s party. However, when I start to hit a dry spell, I do like to go back online because, for better or worse, dating is a hobby of mine and I don’t want to get rusty.

In general, the process of dating should be fun. Think of it as an opportunity to get to know someone new. Go into the date like anything could happen and maybe something will.

Monica Rozenfeld is available for freelance projects and speaking engagements. She may be reached at or on Twitter @M_Roze.