An Interview with Founder Tanya Hynes

couple-sitting-at-table-with-dogs1Are you single and have strong passion for man’s best friend? Well, dog enthusiast Tanya Hynes created a free website, DogSociety, for dog owners searching for companionship. And she explains why you should give this new dating site a chance to help you find love!

What inspired DogSociety?

There are so many dating sites out on the market, and they are all very similar to each other. I have noticed over the years Dog people seem to stick together and when Im walking my dog down the street fellow dog lovers will always stop to have a chat. Hence why I came up with the idea of Dog Society – a website were fellow dog lovers can meet like-minded people who all have the same passion – their love of dogs.

How does the site work?

Sign up on the homepage with your username & email address. Once you have activated your account you are able to upload a picture of yourself (or preferably one with your dog in the picture too) Fill in some details about you and your dog (age, a bit about you and your dog) and what you are looking for (Romance, friendship or a walking buddy).  Once your profile is all completed you are able to search for fellow dog lovers through which state they live in and what they are looking for.

dogsHow is your site different from similar and traditional competitors?

This website is purely designed for Dog lovers, so every member who signs up knows they are talking to a like-minded person who has the same passion/love for dog as they do. It’s really capturing a niche market and taking out that extra step to see if the person you are talking to likes dogs or not. Its helping the shyer or time-poor dog lovers create friendship which can lead to love. Dog Society is only valid for people over the age of 18 years.  it’s a national website and free to join!

Why is your site important to the industry?

Communication now is all online – majority of people are on some type of social media website. Dog Society is for a niche dog lovers market and is now connecting those dog lovers with each other.

How long has the site been around and how has it grown?

We launched the site in April 2013, already each day we are receiving more and more memberships, We have had feedback from our members which has all been positive and they are glad there is a website dedicated to dog lovers.

logoWho is attracted to your site?

Only dog lovers.

What’s next?

We are soon to be launching events in different areas throughout Australia, such as cocktail nights, doggie speed dating, fitness groups and a few more activities like this.

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